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Nataleé is a Belgrade based band, formed in 2019 by lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Natalija “Nataleé” Rajković.

The group, comprised of Branislav Dragović Bein (DJ), Aleksandar Dervišević Derwah (Bassist), Nikola Burović (Solo Guitar), Luna Škopelja (Backing Vocals, Keys) and Dušan Murišić (Trumpet), is known for their live performances, where audiences can hear a unique synthesis of traditional instrumentation within a modern, live-loop setting.

The improvisational atmosphere is grounded by Natalija’s vivid lyrical concepts.Her long-lasting presence and practice in creative writing have given her the chops to infuse her texts with magnetizing poetic confidence and livelihood.

Glitch Sessions Vol. 1

Glitch Sessions Vol. 1

EP (Ćao/Osvesti se, Bebo)

Nataleé / Bebo

Nataleé / Bebo


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Belgrade, Serbia

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